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A Chalk*Dust Plug <:

Postby kurumilover » Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:52 pm

Since I was about 11 years old or so, I have wanted to make my own manga. And since then, I have had my own original series thing-y that I have worked on over and over again, dropping it repeatedly, and taking it back up (all you people who write stories or draw comics know what I'm talking about).

It's name is Chalk Dust.

Extra step-by-step showing the process I took on the front cover as well as to showcase the art and main characters of the story.

I've worked my tail off for over a decade on this same story, trying really hard to develop my characters, and flesh out an intriguing tale that could appeal to multiple fan bases and make it enjoyable to many people, trying not to be the same old routine. And I really think that a comic that originally started out as a slap-stick comedy that became a straight-up parody of the legendary Go Nagai's series "Cutie Honey" has developed into something I am semi-proud of.

So if anyone is interested in reading what I have uploaded so far, I have 2 places that you can do so at:

I have uploaded further on smackjeeves, but deviantart has an extra illustration page as well as the 2008-2009 version (that was subsequently canceled because it was horrible and made me feel horrible).

If you do give it a shot, please let me know what you think. I would like critiques, on art, story develop thus far (it's...not very far in), or anything you think I can improve on. I would really like to get this published someday, and I'm hoping that I'm getting close to that day with this latest version.

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