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Postby SUTBComics » Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:20 pm

Eric here! Sorry about the delay in response, I'm still not used to frequenting this forum and I've been trying to drum up support elsewhere for this BUT ANYWAYS...here's the business plan. Sorry if it comes out wonky. I'd do a better job of explaining it in voice.

Goal: To produce at least one monthly comic collection for sale in the UNT/TWU/Denton area

How I plan for this to work

The first one is a very basic, group up into teams of writers and artists and have each team produce a simple 8-20 page story monthly. The team can do a one shot or it can be a continuing story. We compile the stories into a little anthology and sell. Very simple.

This one I think works a little better business wise. We produce an anthology. At the end of the book we ask the readers to select what series they'd like to see picked up for a full series. We take the top two or three and then those teams flesh out the series into seperate publications still under our banner. Meanwhile, teams who didn't get their series picked up can do a different story for the next month or disband and join/form a different team to try for next month and this continues until the series gets picked up.

So let's call the Anthology the "Pilot Episode Publications" and then you have a "Regular Series". If you're working on a "Regular Series" but want to try a new story you are more than welcome to put your feelers out in the Pilot Publication but your primary obligation will be to your Regular Series. And remember if you get picked up again you'll have two 16-32 page publications to work on. Don't overload yourself!

I still have to look for a good printer, right now I'm leaning towards Ka-Blam as an option as a black-white color covered 128pg comic is only 5.48 to print. So we could sell for 7-10 and make a decent profit.

With the anthology I want to do 15% of profit to go back into the group so future prints take less out of our collective pockets an the 85% is split evenly between all teams. The teams can decide within how they want to break up their share.

With the second option the same thing applies, for the anthology but if you get picked up for a regular series, the 85% goes only to your team. Get it? When you get picked up for a Regular Series if you want to do a color comic that's fine as well. It's a little extra but you'll only be doing at that point a 16-32 page publication every month.

I want to have everyone who is interested to start meeting by mid-October to begin work on December's magazine. Deadlines are still TBD, and we're gonna be kinda loose with December just so I can get a feel for when I need to have everything ready to print to hit a certain day.

I'm going to put a link on the MEK Facebook page to the Denton Comic Producers Community page which is what I'm calling this endeavor until I can think of a better name. Any questions should be sent there. Sound good?

(Sidenote: Just as a caution since this is the Anime Club, we're going to be bringing in Westerners as well so make sure your productions read left to right)

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