ScrewAttack Entertainment Internships!

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ScrewAttack Entertainment Internships!

Postby navaa » Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:17 am

Hello, everyone! Do you love gaming? Do you love gaming events? Do you love working with people who love gaming and gaming events? Then do I have some awesome news for you!!

I am here to tell you of two amazing opportunities to work with a group of really cool guys that work at an awesome gaming company called ScrewAttack! For those of you that don't know who ScrewAttack is, below is a list of links to their website and social media platforms as well as a brief bio:

BIO: ScrewAttack has been rocking the internet's face since 2006 with its original content and unique spin on everything gaming. ScrewAttack is the new face of video game news, trailers, game play, original content, and most importantly, gaming community. We pride ourselves in bringing you the best in everything we do and making ScrewAttack your daily destination.


ScrewAttack is currently hiring for two internships. One of them involves learning about the general operations of ScrewAttack while the other involves the operations of their events, specifically SGC, ScrewAttack's annual convention. Both of these internships are short-term, unpaid, and available only to college students that require credit for their degree. Please be sure to read all information regarding internships descriptions, qualifications and requirements.

If you are very interested and passionate about working in this field, then don't hesitate to take this opportunity to gain the knowledge, experience and networking that can kick-start the path to making your dreams a reality!

Good luck!!

ScrewAttack Games Intern:
Event Coordinator Intern:

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Re: ScrewAttack Entertainment Internships!

Postby King Card » Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:41 am

I interned with them. They're a nice bunch, just don't expect much recognition or anything.

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