Capture the Flag - April 10

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Capture the Flag - April 10

Postby Banshee_Raizer » Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:09 pm

It's that time again, where we encourage everyone to run around like mad in a field!

Capture the Flag

It's time for:

The 12th Semi-Annual Hit People With Sticks Edition of Capture the Flag!

If you've never played CTF with us before: basically, you run around in the semi-dark trying to ninja other teams' flags, and everyone has a lot of fun.

Here's the thread with pictures and reports from the first CTF game all the way back in 2005: Pictures and Reports
Here's some pictures from the other games:
Fall 2006
Fall 2007 (First Hitting People With Sticks Game)
Fall 2008
Spring 2009
Fall 2009
Fall 2010
Spring 2011
Spring 2013

The Rules
The rules are here: (243kb, PDF)

The Time
Friday, April 10th at 5:30pm.

The Place
South of Victory Hall across I-35 - see map below!

The Eagle Point bus route goes to Victory Hall. Schedules are here:
Make sure you look at the FRIDAY schedule! - the last bus leaves the Kerr bus stop at 5:38!

If you are terrified of buses or are otherwise unable to ride the bus or transport yourself, post here. Also, if you're willing to transport people, post here with where you're leaving from and what time. We will make sure that everyone who wants to go will be able to get there. It should be easy enough to get to Victory, but hey, you never know. Keep in mind there is also a brand new pedestrian bridge that you can use to get over 35 safely without running in traffic!

There is a small lot next to the Tennis Complex, and a large lot next to Victory. After 3pm on Friday you DO NOT NEED A PARKING PERMIT to park in G or R spaces, so there will be plenty of parking available.

The People
The officers, you, and any of your friends you want to recruit. They don't have to be members of MEK, but please don't bring "that guy you kinda know from down the hall." We don't have a lot of enforcement, so it's up to the players to follow the rules so everyone can have fun.

Post them here, and we can work out any problems and settle any doubts ahead of schedule.


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