Cosplay Contest - April 23

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Cosplay Contest - April 23

Postby mindtailor » Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:03 pm

Con season has officially begun, and our Cosplay Contest is coming up! If you want to enter the contest, great! If you want to come to the meeting in costume but not compete or don't have any costumes to wear, that's cool too.

Make sure to read through all the rules!

When: April 23rd

Sage 116

Cosplay Contest Rules:

1. You must be a paid member to compete in the MEK Cosplay Contest.

2. All costumes must be appropriate. Running around nearly naked around campus to get to the meeting is not a good idea. Weapon props must be legal and safe. Do not bring real swords or any other real weapon to the meeting, or the Campus Police will have words with you. Be careful when bringing anything resembling real weapons onto campus, as there are likely to be police around who will ask you questions.

3. To participate you MUST have a costume. Cosplay from Anime/J-Drama/J-music/J-fashion/Games with Japanese origin are all acceptable. We will also be allowing costumes from Western media such as games, comics, and animation. Random guy from DBZ/random t-shirt ninja is NOT a costume, and original characters that are obviously not series-inspired are not eligible to win. Costumes consisting of plain "street clothes" such as a t-shirt and jeans should either be very character-specific (bring a reference) or include wig/prop/accessory work to distinguish it as an actual costume.

a)You may not enter a costume if you have already worn it to compete in a Mu Epsilon Kappa Alpha Chapter Cosplay Contest, specifically, those held during the Spring and Fall semesters during regular club meetings.
b) If you have entered a costume in another contest run by Mu Epsilon Kappa or its officers, such as All-Con, Halloween Matsuri, or Mini A-Kon, you may enter those costumes in this contest unless part A also applies.

5. Costumes purchased pre-made or commissioned from another cosplayer are not eligible to win; entrants must have created the costume by themselves or with limited help from friends or family members. If your friends or family members helped significantly with the costume or made it for you, you must say so as part of your entry; these entries will be subject to approval by the club officers/judges. Purchased off-the-rack items not specifically created for cosplay, such as t-shirts or jeans, will be allowed as part of a full costume.

Special note: Cosplayers may enter a costume of their own creation worn by another person (as a model). Both costume creator and model must be present to enter the contest, during judging, and at the time the results are announced. The costume creator will receive credit for the costume and will receive any awards/prizes should the entry win.

6. You may not enter more than one costume into the contest. For example, you may not enter wearing one costume, change quickly, and then enter wearing another; nor can you enter both a costume worn by a model and one worn by yourself.

7. You may enter as a group or alone. However, if a group wins an award they must split it amongst themselves.

8. Contestants can either show up in their costumes or get dressed in the bathrooms in Sage Hall.

9. All decisions made by the judges are final. The chapter President reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason. Failure to comply with these rules will be grounds for disqualification. Contestants that have been disqualified or rejected will not be eligible for any prizes or awards. Please ask the chapter President or another officer if you have questions; it's better to ask questions and be able to change plans if necessary beforehand.

There will be super awesome prizes, but they are TBA

Everyone is welcome to cosplay, even if you don't want to enter the contest! Let's have a lot of fun dressing up and being awesome!


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