Volleyball Schedule 2014

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Volleyball Schedule 2014

Postby Banshee_Raizer » Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:41 pm

10/7 Tue 8:30pm PEB1 vs. Bump, Set, Psych
10/12 Sun 8:30pm PEB1 vs. RUF Team 1
10/14 Tue 8:30pm PEB1 vs. Salt
10/19 Sun 8:30pm PEB1 vs. Silver Empire
10/26 Sun 8:30pm PEB1 vs. Bump, Set, Psych
10/28 Tue 8:30pm PEB1 vs. RUF Team 1
11/2 Sun 8:30pm PEB1 vs. Salt

Typically, we also have practice an hour before the game at the REC center. So everyone be sure that you meet in front of the REC center at 7:30pm, or at least try to make to all the games.

my number is 956-225-6190 if you need to contact me.

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